Account and Settings

How can I unsubscribe from Ready To Travel’s mailing list?

At the bottom of every email sent out by Ready To Travel, you’ll find the link to unsubscribe.

How can I share Ready To Travel with my friends?

Open up the menu and look for the “Share with Friends” function. You can tell your friends about Ready To Travel through SMS, Copy Link, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Email.

Are my credit card details secure?

Ready To Travel assures you that your data security is our top priority. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for further details.

What are the available modes of payment?

Ready To Travel currently supports credit and debit card payment.

What’s Ready To Travel?

Ready To Travel is your all-in-one mobile travel concierge for fuss-free travelling. You can store your trip documents here, receive important alerts, access airport maps, buy travel essentials and even create itineraries with friends!

How do I change the currency shown in Ready To Travel?

Simply go to Settings and tap “Currency” to select your preference. Prices will be reflected in your chosen currency. However, do note that payments will still be charged in the Singapore Dollar, subject to prevailing exchange rate at your time of purchase.

How can I get in touch with the Ready To Travel Team?

We’re here for you! Contact the Ready To Travel Team at support@readytotravel.com.

I think there is an unauthorised usage of my account. What should I do?

Please contact support@readytotravel.com as soon as possible – we’ll look into it!

Can I use Ready To Travel on multiple devices?

Yes – but we recommend sticking to one device in order to keep your data accurate and secure! If you’ve edited your trips, you’ll need to refresh your app to reflect the changes on another device.

Can I log in on a different device?

Definitely! After creating your account, you can log into Ready To Travel using a different device.

Will my personal details be kept secure and private? What will my data be used for?

Rest assured: Ready To Travel will keep your personal data secure and private. Your details will only be used to create important travel reminders for your trip. We will not forward any of your data to third parties.

For more information, read our Privacy Policy here.

What travel information will Ready To Travel store?

Ready To Travel will store your flight information, product purchases, experience bookings and itineraries.

I’ve forgotten my password! What do I do?

Tap on “Forgot your password?” at the login screen or simply change your password under Settings if you have logged in. Kindly follow the instructions in the email to reset your password.

How do I change my password?

Open up your Settings in the top-left menu button and tap “Change Password” to change your password.

Can I delete my Ready To Travel account?

Please get in touch with the Ready To Travel Team at support@readytotravel.com.

How can I disable notification alerts from Ready To Travel?

We highly recommend enabling notifications so you can receive important reminders for your trips.

To edit your notification settings, you may tap the top-left menu to open up Settings, tap “Notifications” and customise your app alerts.

Can I change my settings to another language?

Ready To Travel currently supports only English. More languages are coming up!

How do I start an account on Ready To Travel?

You can register for Ready To Travel using your active Facebook account, or register manually using your email and phone number.

I have more questions not addressed here. Who can I contact?

Our Ready To Travel Team is ready to help! Email us at support@readytotravel.com.

Is the information on Ready To Travel accurate?

Worry-free travelling is as important to us as it is to you, so Ready To Travel strives to give you the most accurate data possible. Give it a go and see the difference it makes!

How do I invite friends to join My Trip on Ready To Travel?

On your trip page, tap the “+” or “Add friends” button.

Can I change or cancel my product bookings?

For Ready To Travel’s product return and cancellation policy, please read the Terms and Conditions of products here.

Can I change or cancel my flight bookings via Ready To Travel?

Ready To Travel doesn’t support this function as the app is not integrated with any airline booking system. You might want to approach your airline or booking agent to change or cancel your flight.

What are MFA alerts and why should I subscribe?

Ready To Travel will keep you updated with important first-hand updates from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) on the country you’re heading for.

Simply tap the MFA prompt under “My Trips” to register. Upon registration, MFA alerts can be accessed in “Travel Alerts” on your menu bar.

This service is available to all Singaporean or Permanent Resident users. You can confirm your nationality under “Edit Profile”.