Geraldine Eng

PRIZE: OSAKA • 12 Oct 2017 - 15 Oct 2017
Watch this space as Leonard and a friend travel with our Feast Ambassador Rosalyn Lee to enjoy 4 days of feasting in Osaka!!

Feast Winner Osaka Itinerary

Japan • 17D16N

A long 2 week (because I don't like short trips) trip to Japan with Secondary School friends after ORD.

  • Activation of JR passes & lunch at Osaka Station City

    After activating our JR passes, we went to Osaka Station City for lunch first as our Airbnb was quite far from the airport. We kept our luggages in coin lockers in the mall. I recommend Muten Kura Sushi, which is a short walk from the station. It only costs 100yen/plate and it is delicious.